MB & J

Hey kids...

This is the official mbandj web site. The place where you can catch up with MB and J anytime you need them.

If you are visiting this site you probably already know who we are. If you were referred to us by a friend, here is the story: MB stands for Mary Barbara. J stands for Josh. We met at the University of Alabama in 1997. Roll Tide. One year later we started dating. Three years later we got married and moved to Birmingham where we spent four years.

Beyond Birmingham

On May 23rd, 2006 we moved to Bangalore, India and on May 30th, 2007 we returned. To document our year in India we created this website. You can visit our blogs and photo gallery if you need to catch up or are just curious.

We are now located in Atlanta, Georgia starting our life in the States over again. Josh just got a job! As much as we love living out of suitcases, we are looking for a place to live permanently.

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